Security Operation Center

SECURITY OPERATION CENTER (SOC). The Communication Valley Security Operation Center (SOC), a Spike Reply’s associated company, is a physical and logical unit, the only one in Italy, specialized in the delivery of managed and professional IT security services. SOC works for a number of organizations and, as a competence center, is in possession of over one hundred certifications. It is a true “control tower”, manned 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year by a security team made up by analysts, systemists and testers, specialized in real time monitoring, security system management and security assessment respectively. SOC avails itself of an exclusive infrastructure (Enterprise Security Management), made up by a series of applications for: security event management, attack patterns recognition, technology upkeep, Knowledge and Asset Management. SOC interacts and share service outputs with the client, through a web-based portal, easy to use and rich in contents. SOC delivers the main IT Security Services which make up our Managed Security Services offer:

  • Security Monitoring, for the control and detection of network anomalies.
  • Network and Security Device Management, for the operational management of network and security systems.
  • Early Warning, for the prompt management of escalations in case of meaningful events.
  • Policy Compliance, to adapt IT systems to the risk factor chosen to comply with company rules, standards and regulations.
  • Security Policy, to periodically check and minimize the IT systems exposure, with regards to their vulnerability level.

Why us?

• Security Information and Event Management, for the planning and development of solutions for the collection and correlation of reliable data on the use of network and its components, as well as of all information necessary to optimize resources, correct configurations and inhibit behaviours that may compromise the efficiency of the Information System